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Online Essays Direct
We are seeking a small team of highly motivated writers to assist with the completion of academic coursework, essays and university-level projects. Applicants should have excellent writing skills, wor...

We are passionate about many things: continuous improvement, working at a brisk but sustainable pace, writing resilient code, maintaining production reliability, paying down technical debt, hiring fan...

Harry Stern
Software developer committed to writing high-quality, high-performance code

Ehson Ali
53 -
20 Years of experience in writing web designing development, Video Editing, MIS, SEO, Marketing Management

Ycode is a new visual programming tool that empowers people of all skill levels to build and host advanced web apps without writing any code themselves. We’re taking away the repetitive tasks from dev...

Anne Shearman
33 -
Native English Entrepreneur with 8 years as a writer, editor and marketing consultant

Lisa Pearlman
54 -
Writer, iphoneographer, social media, affiliate marketer, content creator

23 -
I have good motivation for progress and growing, eager to learn, and can work with a team (team work) or by myself

36 -
Create Communicate Connect

31 -
Senior software engineer who likes to build web portals, automation tools, web services.

35 -
Writer and Former Instructor at Florida State Looking for New Opportunities

Sébastien Garnier
47 -
Atypical and versatile, CG artist and author for animation.

Kri Wood
32 -
A self-directed and detail oriented procurement graduate capable of devising strategies through analytical thinking for acquisition purposes seeks to work in an organization where there is scope f...

Larysa Haliieva
60 -
35+ Expertise Professional Translator, English / German Teacher