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Would a feature to have custom timer amounts for group chat rooms be of value?

I know starting off, the default pomodoro timer wasn't easy to get into (at least when I was doing it myself using a timer at home). I have attention problems, hence why I need pomodoro, haha. I started off at 5 minutes, moving to 10 and onwards. This might be useful for those starting off.

It ticks the "I feel good for working on something for $value of minutes", creating a positive relationship with the method and would allow for others in a similar situation to experience this together.

Actually, I'm not sure group chat rooms are a thing now that I look at things -- ignore if I'm talking rubbish!

RemoteYo: Thanks for feedback! It is in the plans to have a few different rooms with different pom durations. Some people like short pomodoros, some like really long ones with big breaks so yeah that is useful. 7 months ago

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